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WALES, AUGUST 2006Wales_Aug_06.html
BOSTON & CAPE COD, APRIL 2006Boston_Apr_06.html
VIEWS FROM ST PAUL’S, AUGUST 2005From_St_Pauls_05.html
BILBAO, FEBRUARY 2005Bilbao_Feb_05.html
USA, NOVEMBER 2005USA_Nov_05.html
OPEN HOUSE LONDON, SEPT 2005Open_House_05.html
MISCELLANEOUS, 2004-05Misc_04-05.html
BRISTOL, OCTOBER 2003Bristol_Oct_03.html
MIDLANDS CANALS, AUGUST 2002Canals_Aug_02.html
SHETLAND, JUNE 2002Shetland_Jun_02.html
SWEDEN, JUNE 2006Sweden_Jun_06.html
ITALY, MAY 2007Italy_May_07.html

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ALBERTA, NOV 2008Alberta_Nov_08.html
FRANCE, AUG 2008France_Aug_08.html